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Our Philosophy 

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Our Mission

  1. To be the most preferred  Digital Marketing Agency by 2025.

  2. To create a company which has the best process for managing services.

  3. To create a collaborative working environment not seen in India.

  4. To create the most trustworthy agency operating from India.

  5. To create an agency which would be called upon to meet difficult tasks or make mission impossible possible. 

  6. To employ as many as we can from backward areas in India and turn them into excellent creators. 

  7. To become one of the best skill development organizations in India known Globally. 

Our Purpose

We have only on purpose that is to provide better solutions to clients and deliver first class customer support services to keep our clients happy. Through our experience we have noticed that it is not about getting the deals done, it is the after sales service that you provide the client which matters in long term relationship building. So our quality is based on the relationship and atmosphere that we build for the client while working with us. Even though our core function is Digital Marketing, we have helped many clients by providing additional services as well. For Example, our business has fought for an artist client in the offline world by negotiating with the agency responsible for exhibiting his paintings in a famous gallery in Kolkata. Now his paintings will be displayed with world famous painters in the Academy of Fine Arts Kolkata (i.e. the best gallery in Kolkata, India).

We are seen as an agency which would travel over the moon to achieve the unthinkable. Our idea is to make things possible when people think its impossible. We perform better in high pressure situations.    

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Our Story

Business Angels was established in 2019 to become a Digital Marketing powerhouse with transparency and honesty. We have not hit big revenues and have not worked with big firms yet but we have achieved a lot in nearly 3 + years. We have experience working with different industries. Most of our advertisements have produced amazing results, for example, Generating revenue of over a 100%, Generating leads of 133 in just Rs. 3000/-. Our philosophy is simple: Quality will always prevail with honesty and transparency.  We have worked with firms with serious budget constraints, where every penny invested is like gold and our advertisements have backed them with flying colors.  We have enjoyed bringing smiles to the faces of those who have had poor investment capacities and we will continue to do so shortly. Come and work with us to experience quality with honesty and transparency.



Saptarshi Mukherjee - Proprietor – An MBA from KIIT school of management. A black belt in Karate with a name on the Hall of Fame of JKA with participations in two world championships in Argentina and Manchester . A young and dynamic mind who created the foundation on which Business Angels stands. He is also a Six Sigma Green Belt.


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