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Our Services 

Business Angels has a variety of services to offer!!! Have a look at what we can do for you.

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Social Media Marketing

We are experts in social media marketing. Our advertisements in Google and Meta (Facebook and Instragram) have been generating over 100% ROI. However we advertise on other platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, Tumbler, Youtube(part of Google) etc. We help create great content which fits the marketing needs of the client. We have experience in working with different industries so uniqueness is not a problem for us. To better understand this you can look at our achievements page. We create calendars for clients to post every day with brilliant themes every month related to their business. 

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Website Development 

There are two phases in which we work in Website Designing and Development. Phase one is we build a new website for the client and make it marketable to meet industry needs. If a client has a website built we help transform it to make it marketable which automatically reduces costs and increases the efficiency and effectiveness of the website.

SEO( Search Engine Optimization)

We perform SEO audits for the clients in need of promoting their content. Our websites rank higher in the search engine because of our SEO enhancements. 

E-Commerce Advertising 

We have a team of experts who build wonderful content. Today along with paid advertisement the content becomes an integral part of Marketing. A great and informative content is responsible for retaining clients in the social media platforms and websites. A content is a fair representation of who you are or what your brand resembles. We place these amazing content in Amazon and Flipkart Advertising. So boost your sales via Amazon and Flipkart Advertising.  . 

Efficient analytics 

We are a clear and transparent organization based on research. We clearly provide the analytics of every advertisement that we post and every website that we run. This creates a clarity of what we have done for the client and how we can enhance the performance of our advertisement. We are an organization built on the foundation of research and excellence based on quality services. Our trust is our analytics. Today it is very easy to generate analytics because of the tools like Google Analytics. 

After Sales Services 

Our efficiency and effectiveness  is based on the high quality after sales service. Our problem resolution time is 48 hrs. We will stay connected to you throughout your journey with us. We never ghost our clients. We believe that the more important factor is the connect between us and the client after the deal is done. We have a sequential meetings set up for clients every week to access their needs. 

Start Up in India 

Build your brand in India with Business Angels!!!

We are connected to industry experts with 28+ years of experience in various fields, who will help you set-up your business in India. From ground zero to a fully functioning firm. India is home to a 1.2 billion people who live in a multi-diverse society. The acceptance rate of Foreign products is high along with the spending rate. We will help you to :

  •  Find your Financial and Legal Partners.

  • Venture Capitalist to fund your business.

  • Land Acquisition if required.

  • Set Up infrastructure and Hire the right people. 

  • Digital Marketing, software, applications and other technical services needed to function your business smoothly in India. 

  • We will make your firm fully operational within your specified time. 

We even provide counselling support services to do business in India.  

Image by Naveed Ahmed
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